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Welcome to the Podcast Section! TrendingCast is a Podcast created by SunnySlacer, an idea brought up to create discussion on important topics in our society, such as spirituality, politics, entertainment, and appeal, among various other things. TrendingCast is very similar to previous "Internet Family Core" experiments such as "Let's Talk About Life" and "Let's Sit and Chat" sessions where Sunny would talk on-camera about life topics. LTAL and LSC are both now defunct and TrendingCast will take the role of what both those two experiments were. There is a possibility that TrendingCast could stream live on it's own YouTube channel in the future. TrendingCast launched originally on July 21st, 2012, and re-launched on July 16th, 2013 with vlogs under the title "VlogCast".

Links to YouTube

(Season One)

(Special Anniversary Podcast: Emotion vs. Choice)

(Episode One - Vlogcast - America's True Options For Survival!) (coming soon) 

(Episode Two - Vlogcast - Power of Choice) (coming soon!)





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