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November 2nd (2014) - Notice of My YouTube Status Quo

Posted by SunnySlacer on November 2, 2014 at 10:45 PM

Good day to everyone, hope you had a great Sunday. I'm writing this post to inform you of the status quo and where I am standing at the moment with life and YouTube. Currently, I haven't been able to participate in any activity on YouTube (except watching videos, especially ShayTards and CTFxC videos). I have been working at a regular day job for the last 8 or so months due to low funds for YouTube projects (among other things). My biggest apologizes for being unable to follow through with any projects that were announced for launch that never took off. I still plan to bring the vlogs back (with tentitive plans to return to a once a week schedule in early January 2015) and re-launch my hub channel (which, at this moment, is on hold until I get the appropiate funds to launch the channel), and do song covers. Going to school part time and working a regular day job part time has put my schedule in wack so much so that I was unable to upload anything for the last 5 or 6 months, and with the recent Minnesota story of a person (who wasn't a vlogger) being criminally charged for having a camera in public (and to note, used the camera for the wrong reasons) has put my feelings toward being judged for being a person of respect and honesty in perspective. What this means is, if the vlogs do come back, it won't show much of the outside area I live in, so, that will be kept to a minimum but it won't stop me from vlogging in public. These issues are currently being resolved, and I miss uploading videos to YouTube. It is a favorite past-time of mine, and life has gotten so much more stressful dealing with personal issues and work. I'd like to say thanks to those who tuned in to watch my videos. Not everything on my channals are perfect, but I aim to change and improve that. I'd like to say, that my schedule will be opening up in January, so the vlogs may return around that tentitive date, but nothing is set in stone as of right now. I love everyone and anyone who has encouraged me not to give up, and things really have been hard for me recently given that there are (as previously stated) personal matters that have effected my ability to focus on YouTube. Uploading vlogs will become a prioity again in January, but again, nothing is set in stone. My appreciation shows no bounds, and I also look forword to meeting everyone at VidMN 2015 (If I get to go, as of right now, I might not go because of my regluar day job).

After watching ShayTards and CTFxC (along with the research gathered on people who have found success getting paychecks from Google for uploading videos, by getting good viewers and alot of subscribers) I know that YouTube will one day become my job, and I will certainly open up more about me (not that I'm a public or private person, but as of now, I like to keep my YouTube life in check in sharing what matters, and not what would destroy or hurt me). People think I'm an idoit in beliving in something that they don't really understand (which is that with the right attitude and technical ethic, your dreams can come true and that people can love you as a person even if your risking your life by sharing it). I have made my fair share of terrible mistakes, and I have learned from them.

I will believe in the possibity of strength I might have, to get this job done. It might take awhile, but I want to do this right. My YouTube aspirations have evolved, so daily vlogging won't be in the cards for a really long time. But I do want to create projects that inspire people to feel happy on the inside, and maybe feel inspired to do the same by creating their own work. My faith has carried me this far, I wait until the time is good to start again, anew and aspire to be the inspirerer. The next vlog post will have details about what videos will go up when and where, and I will also try to stick to the promises I make (and not made promises I can't keep). Thank you, and I long to see you on the YouTubez again soon. - SunnySlacer 

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