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Blog-Post: Multi-Channel Expansion Project & Daily Vlogging Initiative!

Posted by SunnySlacer on December 2, 2013 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Well my friends, it's that time again. Today, I bring a positive attitude, and good tidings! I'm sure you can tell by the title up above what I'll be disscussing in this post. Also, for a video verison of what I'll be talking about, the vlog going up on September 6st has some simularity to this post. This blog will have idea's, which will be filled with paragraph's of idea's and rants, and yes, communication assurance. Bear with me, this won't take long.


As of recently, I've been thinking about the current situation with all of my YouTube channels, and the format I've been using in uploading videos. Currently, my vlog channel has one, sometimes two or three videos a week, my podcast channel now has only one video once every couple month's, and my gaming channel (which has yet to evolve into something bigger, and better that I'm currently envisioning), has one video going up once a month.

I'm happy to report that with the IFC'ers (that would be you, my wonderful, loving and caring YouTube audience) support, we can do anything and accomplish anything if we work together. Please let me know about these proposals and idea's listed down below, and if you have better ideas, be sure to comment here in the blog section or on the vlog uploading on December 14th. Thank You for supporting me in this content creation effort on YouTube, and Thank You for doing what you do as awesome IFC'ers.


- SunnySlacer

List of YouTube Channels:

The Sunny Slacer Channel

This is my main hub channel! In the near future, it will became a video network of videos featuring music videos and skits. It will one day become a channel that I will work on more then the Vlogs (but on par with the gaming vids) because there is potential for this channel. I will experiment with this in the near future.

Internet Family Core

Let's focus and start with the channel that has been doing the best out of the four, my vlog channel! Internet Family Core currently has 35+ subscribers, with over 3,000+ channel/video views. It's interesting to look at the gap between the two and finally make the connection into where the gap formed. So, with that, here's my new proposel for the vlogs. I'm thinking of testing out 5 to 6 minute vlogs everyday for a week (with Sunday One-Takers being added!), from September 16th to September 22nd, to get a feel for shorter vlogs. I have time to edit 6 minute vlogs, but not 15 to 26 minute ones. Allow me to elaborate, during my usual week day, I gather footage from the week and upload it on a Friday or Saturday (as of recently, I've been only choosing one day out of the week and uploading a vlog from the day I recorded it on, and then uploading that footage, polished, later within that week).

I'm asking for your help in reaching a new consensus on weather to continue with the weekly 10 to 30 minute vlogs, or to compensate and upload 5 to 6 minute (with occasional 16 to 20 minute) daily vlogs. The reason being, is that I'm trying to see what will work better, and I know of YouTubers who get amazing marks for shorter vlogs that upload frequently. I want to also balance my upload and editing schedule with my work and college schedules. One problem that I've also run into with daily vlogging is having nothing to record, and it get's way worse in the winter time, because I'm in doors alot (meaning, If I were to decide to do daily vlogs, and it's cold outside, with ice everywhere, probability is, everyone will get straight gym vlogs, with some fun winter outdoors stuff). And to top that, the video quality. Some of you may have noticed that the vlogs have been in 720p mostly, If I decide to do shorter daily vlogs, a majority of the vlogs will be in 1080p, however, because of my slow internet speed, anything more then 9 minutes takes forever to upload, so, it's a real gamble because I would have to force myself to upload anything longer then 9 minutes, with a 1080p Q-signature.

I tested this theory back in September and the results were average to awesome! I will attempt to do this again more frequently starting on June 6th, 2014!



I'm currently planning on recording new videos and testing an upload system schedule for this channel. The plan is to record a video once a month and upload a new video once a month. There won't be a specific day of the week for this, and will upload at random based on my personal schedule (with work and college). I will start this process in early summer of 2014!

SwaggaPlay Gaming

Also, I'm also considering uploading more SwaggaPlay Gaming videos. Instead of uploading videos once a month, I'm debating myself on weather to upload these videos once a week because of the speed I have with editing the SwaggaPlay vids. It literally takes me about 4 hours to edit SwaggaPlay because it's short and awesome. I'm also gonna try (in future videos) to make these videos longer, more like 3 to 6 minutes, and I know that in these videos, usually I ask about a game and get everyone's opinion on what they think, but I know that hardcore nerds and gamers want "real info", meaning, I would have to start talking more and giving more info about any specific game when "performing and communicating" in the SPG videos. Expect new videos starting January 26th, 2014!

Blog-Post: Autism/Emotion vs. Choice

Posted by SunnySlacer on July 16, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been awhile since I wrote a long article-like blog, the last one was on Stress, and yes, this one will follow the same pattern of conversation. I have a special video on this topic as well, so, if you want to see me discussing this topic on video, it's available on my YouTube channel TrendingCast (which is currently a current event/popular topic channel, and can potentiallly become a podcast channel).

Today I wanted to discuss something near and dear to me, something that I've lived with for a long time and I'm now willing to talk about it publicly (after thinking about how I would address it, how I would go about talking about it and if it was safe to talk about it publicly). In this blog post, I will discuss what it has been like being diagnosed with a Learning Disability (which is a mental sub form of Autism) and I will also discuss my objection to "Happiness being a choice" and my reasoning behind "understanding the heart of people and overcoming obstacles in life".


First, I would like to go into detail about my experiance on having LD, and the science behind it's categorization. A "Learning Disability" is a mental diagnosis where the brain can't act properly (it's simular to Aspergers, and has the memory loss effect simular to Alzheimer's, but is very different to Alzheimer's because I still can live for another 100 years because I won't die from any terminous effects). I can atest to forgetting things easly, saying things I really didn't mean to say and doing thing's without noticing I'm actually doing them. I know what your thinking, and I've gotten mean and negative verbal assaults from people that I know from many different area's of my life. When thinking about how I would come about talking about this, I thought about bringing this up in an "educational manner", mainly because as of right now in the present, I'm only assuming that some people who have targeted me and then verbally hassarest me don't know, don't understand or don't care about the fact that I have this mental challenge.

The human brain has the same design in most people, but operates differently in every single person on this awesome planet we call Earth. Certain area's of the brain carry's out different functions, giving tasks to many parts of our body. In someone with a mental or physical diagnosis, the brain functions are in-complete and causes me (including others with simular mental stuggles) to act "not so normal", to put it lightly. There are different levels of brain dis-function, and I am blessed to have the ability to talk and act to the best of my ability, and having the ability to show love and affection for people is also something that I am truly blessed with, and I am super duper thankful about it and I sometimes reflect on it. I sometimes feel horrible for the people who have more "servere levels" of brain dis-function, mostly for people that I know who have a type of disability.

I wish I had a chart to show what those levels of "light" and "servere" are, but from my experiance, it tends to be "all the same" when discussing what issue's you have to deal with in life, and with it, I recognize that there really is a lack of awareness for autism, even with the number of organizations currently in operation that are there to promote awareness.

Alot of you maybe wondering about my opposition to "Hapiness being a choice". One of my favorite YouTuber's, S.C. Butler (known mainly as ShayCarl) has talked about this in many of his videos, and has recieved alot of backlash for it in the past, and even today, people I talk to still think angrily about it because they feel that he went too far in expressing himself. My opinion is this, in the heat of the moment, just because you choose not to act or react, you still feel emotions, and I'm sure some people would agree that in life, we try our best to work hard and help people but at the back of my head (because I'm talking from experiance), I'm thinking about my feelings on whatever hurtful and painfull experiance it may have been.

I have my own personal theory that out matches the "choice of choosing your emotions", and it is called the "Heart of Understanding". Many famous author's like Viktor Frankl, who if you read his book, talks about his experiance during World War II, when he was imprisoned in concentration camps and his life journey into becoming a neurologicist. Even though he mentions things like "choice/choosing your emotions" in his works, a very inspirational story about a client he had worked with touched me very much. He talked about how his client talked to him about her problems and right in the middle of it, he stopped her, and in a dark room with no light, opened the blinds, showing off the Moon and the ocean. As a religious individual, I could see some spiritual things in this story, being inspired by the creation overall.

Anyway, skipping the necessary formality, Viktor Frankl is one example of the "Heart of Understanding", because of his experiance almost starving to death and being imprisoned, I notice his desire to help other people and help them in realizing the true beauty of life. In modern times today, even as of recently, there were alot of public shootings involving indivduals with mental disabilities (the ones in Auroua, Colorado and Newton, Connecticut respectivity). These indivduals involved with the shootings had brain dis-functions, they suffered from depressed and anger against the world, and I don't blame them, who would want to live in a judgemental society. And yes, society is a bitch. No one was there for them, and I in my can atest to feeling the same kind of anger and depression (and to confirm, I don't harm people, so don't worry about me being like those individuals). I think I might be the only one to reveal this publicy but, it was communication. Communication kept these two individuals from connecting with the outside world because of things they were dealing with mentally. The outside world treated them like crap, and I also have dealt with this also in my personal life.

People talk down to me sometimes thinking I'm normal, but, in reality, I do have a mental form of Autism. I find it hard to communicate sometimes, and, as bad as this will sound, I know of individuals who have talked to me directly pointing out how I was "Anti-Social" and you know, these people grew up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, a period where everyone talked to each other, but with the rise in numbers of people with a mental diagnosis, society will have to come to realize that more people with Autism or Autism-like functions will appear, angry with weapons in their possession.

Here is how the "Heart of Understanding" works. As explained above with Viktor Frankl, an individual who has the worst life given to him, automaticly comes to a realization that life is beautiful. It's not about choice, because we have the power to "feel". And, people who have a loving heart and a humble attitude, can understand anyone's situation, no matter what your're going through. That is the "Heart of Understanding", it is un-conditional love that understands the nature of any human condition, with the ability to overcome situations and build super strengthing emotions beyond imagination.

One more example: A man is taking the subway and he has 5 kids running a muk on-board. You might ask, well, why isn't the man telling his children to behave? Answer: He probably has alot of stress, maybe his wife passed away, and dang it, I would think that It would be hard and embarassing to yelling at your kids on-board a subway train. So you ask him, hey, your kids are causing havok. He gives the answer you needed, but now, he feels way worst because you brought up that his kids were causing havok. That's not getting prospective, that's bullying your neighbor in feeling bad that he can't take responsilibity, and he's trying his best.

Anyway, to rap this short, I felt compelled to talk about this because of various traumatic events that happened to me recently, (and in my past). Like the normal saying goes, you tell as many people as you can, but I'll still get yelled at for not telling in the end. That kind of was the situation and it made me angry and depressed. Many people in my personal life don't know about my mental diagnosis, and when I tell them, they just don't get it, so, I quit after trying a trillion times.

Just because I have LD, dosen't mean that I'm not trust worthy, and just because I stuggle to remember things and mess up on doing things in the correct manner dosen't really give anyone the right to automatically presume that I'm dumb and not be able to carry myself in life. It's almost the exact opposite. I may have challenges, but I will overcome them. Getting better at loving people the way society refuses too, and building a connection with people that really support you (and me) in life in general, that's what this is all about.

The reasons why I wrote this was to give a better awareness of what it's like having a form of autism, and why I believe that real happiness comes from togetherness & inspiration. Thanks for reading this article, and I hope that it brings a better educational understanding of what it's like having a mental diagnosis. With real understanding, love and comfort, comes strength. I'll explain more in future vlogs and videos to keep you posted. Again, thanks for reading!

- SunnySlacer

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